Australians - where do you shop for tools?

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Apr 23, 2008
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Hi guys.

Really envy all the americans on this site - compared to what is readily available in Australia, your selection of tools is immense!

So, if there are any australians here - where do you shop for tools and\or generic parts?

Obvious places like big car/tool chains are obvious and do not offer too much variety. I, for instance, cannot find grease nipples anywhere for about 2 weeks now.

that's interesting.
Always thought of Aussies as the tinkerer types. Mad Max and all. You need tools for that...
You don't have a lot of online stores?
We are tinkering types - and that is partly because instead of having right tool to do job fast, we have to tinker endlessly with those sorry ass selection we have.

Well, that or I've got no idea where to get proper tools.

There are some online shops, but they are very, how to put this, australian. And australian school of website building and online commerce is sometimes a bit too strange :) Ordering from overseas stores is often completely impractical as tools tends to be quite heavy.
Look in the phone book under engineering supplies, they carry most of your tooling and general hardware bits (eg. grease nipples), blackwoods is one place but there will be others locally. The sad fact is that there isn't really anywhere that sells tools or supplies aimed at mechanics/fitters.

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