SOLD Austin, TX - 1976 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 - Sky Blue

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Austin, Texas United States
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Mud Members,

It isn't super exciting for me to do this, but life goals and plans have changed and it's time for me to put Ol Blue up for sale. My wife and I are looking to take the value we make from the FJ40 and get a camper trailer and possibly a Tundra, Tacoma, or new Landcruiser to pull it with. I just won't have room for all of the above and Ol Blue deserves to have a good home to take care of her moving forward.

Ol Blue has been for sale twice through Greg Overton at and is a quality rig that has been well taken care of and garage kept for most of her recent years. Greg was a pleasure to work with and the previous owner was a great guy as well. I've owned the vehicle for about 3 years now and it has never once broken down on me - of course, have replaced a few parts here and there (listed below). It's a real head turner and show stopper, she gets the compliments pretty much any time you take it in public.

Overall, its an amazing cruiser. As with most of them, it has a few blemishes here and's not an immaculate, 100% perfect, show quality rig, but I would put it much above average for sure. It is not a frame off restoration, but it has been repainted (not since I owned it) recently keeping it's original Sky Blue color. I have most of my receipts for upgrades and maintenance that I remembered to save, and even some from the previous owner as well. All work since I have owned the vehicle has been performed at Landcruiser Specialists in Austin, TX. A few techs are members on this forum - if viewing, hello guys! Here are the details specs below -

1976 FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser - Sky Blue (built 1975, sold 1976)
Mileage: Unknown (odometer wasn't working when I received it)
Price: Asking $37,500 OBO

Engine runs great, compression test was performed prior to my purchase and all is great. Idles well and can easily be taken on the highway. This has been my daily driver for the last 3 years - granted I work from home and we usually take my wife's 4runner around town. I would say i've put on less than 2,000 miles since I've owned it. It's been lightly off-roaded once or twice. All easy trails as I didn't want to muff up anything lol.

See her life since i've had her on Instgram - Ol Blue Fj40

*New* meaning I have purchased and installed it since I've owned it.
  • Desmogged 2F Engine
  • Weber Carb
  • New Minitruck Power Steering Conversion
  • New Battery
  • New OEM Alternator
  • New OEM Fuel Pump
  • New OEM Water Pump
  • New OEM Radiator
  • New OEM Master and Slave Cylinder Clutch
  • New Oil Pan Gasket
  • New Old Man Emu 2.5 inch Lift - from Cruiser Outfitters
  • New Old Man Emu Shocks
  • New BFG Mud Terrain KM3 - 33x10.5 (less than 1000 miles on these)
  • New OEM Steelies and Caps from the factory
  • New OEM front bumper
  • New emblems, reflectors, and various pieces to bring closer to original
  • Under body was previously coated in bed liner product to prevent rust
  • New Black Powder Coated Step ups (I have the Sky blue ones also, just was preventing further scratches/rust being a high traffic spot)
  • New OEM Windshield mounted side mirrors
  • New LED headlights from City Racer (I have the original halogens too)
  • New interior door panels
  • Tuffy Locking Center Console

Extras I have that will be included in the sale
  • New Retrosound Bluetooth Radio Deck (just purchased the audio setup just havent got around to installing it - wanted to have modern features but keep the period-correct feel)
  • New JBL 521 Concert Speakers
  • New Kick-Vent Speaker Mounts from SOR - Painted Sky Blue already
  • SOR Overhead Shelf/Tray
  • CCOT Black Powder Coated Tailgate
  • CCOT Black Bikini Top
  • Metaltech Black Tube Doors
  • Original 1976 circle style side mirrors (currently using the windshield mounted version to prevent having to remove them when the doors are off)
  • CCOT leaf spring "correction plate" for leaf springs to correct infamous cruiser lean (havent got around to installing it)
  • Sky Blue Touchup spray cans from CruiserCorps
  • Original Halogen Headlights (if you'd rather use them than the LED headlights)
  • Original Center Console
  • New Toyota Tool Bag reproduction from City Racer
  • New OEM Window Channels
  • Various other replacement parts, emblems, gaskets, filters, stripping, etc.

  • I would say the worst "blemish" is currently the rain gutter on the top, it is bubbled up in several areas around the rim due to a previous owner painting over rust (see gallery for pointed out blemish spots)
  • There are a few smaller/minor rust areas. Nothing major. Pointed them out in gallery below
  • Rear heater leaks a bit of antifreeze every once in awhile. Probably needs to a new core. I had it repaired at a radiator shop before but it came back to leak again.
  • Classic cruiser lean on driver side - I do have the correction plate that supposedly fixes it included
  • Again, its got it has minor flaws, its not a frame-off restoration but I believe it's a really nice cruiser

I have attached some various pics here but feel free to view the full gallery here. Also includes 2 videos of idling and highway speed.

If I decide to move it to BaT I will post the link here also. Just wanting to post to the mud family first.






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Mar 21, 2014
Commerce City, Colorado
Did you keep the oem carb and all removed emissions components? In a lot of counties it is “ new” enough it would still have to pass a visual and tailpipe test.


Dec 12, 2006
Did you keep the oem carb and all removed emissions components? In a lot of counties it is “ new” enough it would still have to pass a visual and tailpipe test.
Really? Because I’ve never had a lick of trouble registering the 1974 fj55 that… well, the head and intake are stock, but *nothing* outside that is.

carb, air filter, exhaust header, etc.

Texas ain’t California or the Front Range of Colorado, man.


Mar 21, 2014
Commerce City, Colorado
Hey, I’m just saying if it’s not smog compliant, and you don’t have the stuff that was removed to go along with the sale your narrowing the field of interested buyers that do live in places that test. It’s usually a lotta work to put that stuff back again and most don’t want that hassle and expense on top of the purchase price of the rig.
Sep 4, 2018
Austin, Texas
Yeah, I’m not too worried about it. It was desmogged before I bought it. It’s listed in Texas. I’m not specifically marketing to California buyers. If you live somewhere you need the smog system equipped then this may not be the one for you.
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