Aussie Locker - Brand New

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Nov 15, 2011
Kalsipell, Montana
United States
I have a brand new Aussie Locker for sale for $200 which will also include the shipping anywhere in the US.

Model number XD-21230
Still in the original packaging
Includes pins and springs
Includes Aussie Locker Sticker

I can provide full pictures of this via email. The person I purchased my 80 from threw this in with the deal as he bought it and had planned to have it installed. The rig has factory center locking diff which is good enough for me. Thus, I'm sellling this to someone who'll make use of it. I don't know enough about these to know if it's usable on anything other than an 80 or even if it's intended for front, rear, etc.

From the Aussie Locker website: Aussie Locker XD-21230 Toyota 8.875/9.5 r.g. - Lockers - Aussie Lockers - Welcome to Torq Masters Home of the Aussie Locker

A couple of internet searches show this retailing for $299. I'm wanting it to move so I'm pricing it at $200 which will also include shipping. I live in Kalispell, Montana. If you happened to be in this neck of the woods I could deliver it in person.

I haven't bought or sold through this classified section before so I'm not sure how payments are normally handled. I have a paypal account so that could be an easy way of handling it.

Contact me at or 406-260-0031

If everything fails,,,, I'll take it.
ill take it if all else fails

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