Aussie 40's battle track on video (1 Viewer)

Jul 8, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
Hi guys,

Here's a video of some Aussie 40's taking on one of the hardest tracks in Australia. It took us about 8 hours to do <10km of track.

We had a bit of damage, one guy broke both front CV's, and a brake line, one guy did his gearbox, one broke an alternator, one guy broke his seat frame....

Only two 40's managed to do the whole track. The track was called Ellis track, and if you google it you should see how hard it is.

It was my cars first outing with the new motor, an LS1, replacing a 350 Chev.

Hope you enjoy it,

O.C.K.A. tackle Ellis Track Part I - YouTube

O.C.K.A. tackle Ellis Track Part II - YouTube

Dec 3, 2009
Awesome track. Looks like the mud is very slick with a lot of off camber situations. Nice job and thanks for posting.

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