Audio install on 82 FJ40, Alpine Head Unit & Alpine Speakers

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Aug 28, 2012

As you might recall last month I bought a 82 FJ40 and I am starting to address a few things to make this car more enjoyable to drive on a daily basis.

I like listening to music at home or when I drive, as many of you know the FJ40 is a noisy rig to drive around highway speeds or downtown as it lacks noise insulation.

Today I installed the BTB MDF kick vent speaker panels which are really great and well worth it, saves space and its better looking than drilling your speakers to the door trim.

After reviewing many old threads and what speakers size's to get, I went with Alpine SPE-5000 5.25 2 way speakers. I am extremely impressed by the sound quality/clarity when hooked up to the Alpine CDE-136BT head unit where I listen to Internet Radio or Songs via my iPhone.

I have 6.5 Alpine Speaker's for the rear on the way, I will see what I can do to install them if I would of known earlier I wouldn't of purchased them because the current front speakers are good for a truck this size.





The lower you get the rear speakers the better bass and punch you will get out of them.

I like the front's but not being able to use the kick vents would be the dealbreaker.
I dont need the kick vents over here, the weather is hot. I will mostly use the rig in winter and occasional driving in the summer. I live in a hot region so kick vents are not necessary.

I am still debating where to fit the rear speakers. I have the wide bench seats on my Middle East Spec FJ40
Most people use the roll bar to mount rear speakers. The make setups that have speakers and a dome light already in them.
My truck is a middle east spec, it has no roll bars.

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