auber instruments pyrometer

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kevin in okinawa

Apr 18, 2008
Waldorf, MD
EGT sensor and gauge from Auber Instruments. Installation was pretty easy...even though I missed with the 1st hole drilled. i tapped it and plugged it with a bolt.

Automobile Multimeter for EGT, Boost, 24VDC [SYL-1813-24] - $48.50 :, Temperature control solutions for home and industry

2nd hole: used a 8.5mm drill bit. spend $10 on a nice new bit. a little bit of debris may have fallen in, and I couldn't find a magnet small enough to fish for it. truck runs fine though! tapped it with a 10mm (?), 1/8 NPT. screwed probe in about 1/2way into header. Ran the nice SS line thru firewall, and mounted the gauge in the dash above the ashtray...easy install. turned up the fuel one complete turn, boost upped to 1 bar (14 psi), egts just north of 1200 at max...tons of more POWER!

upload failed..i'll try again later.
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I want one too :crybaby:. Come over for some :beer:s and help me install one.


I am curious as to how well it will work and the convenience of it since it can only show one read out at a time. I was toying with the purchase of their EGT/Boost/Water unit: Automobile Multimeter for EGT, Boost, Green [SYL-1813G] - $57.50 :, Temperature control solutions for home and industry
but went with classical style gauges. I just didn't like the idea of having to toggle between displays to get all the reading I needed. For me it was much better to see them all at the same time.
But I am curious.


works great as a pyrometer, and the digital readout matches the style of the clock and my turbo timer.
This is a great device. I got the EGT one display model. I velcro'd it to the bottom of the dash so I could easily pull it down and change the inline fuse or the the buzzer or the wiring. I opted to put a buzzer on mine -- it goes on at 1280 degrees and off at 1250 degrees. The wiring instructons are great -- the programming instructions a little cryptic. It is very accurate -- I left my old analog gauge and simply split the pyrometer wires to feed both. Easy to read.

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