attn. BJ42 owners I need your help

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Nov 24, 2005
Cloverdale NOT surrey
I need to borrow a part from your truck for maybe a couple hours. My fuel control relay is acting up, I bought a used one off Steve but while it appeared to work when it was at Steves shop it would not work later that night at home. Now I'm unsure if I have 2 bad parts or it is another problem. Just need a 100% one to diagnose. If you don't want to lend me your fuel control relay I could come over and test mine in your truck to see if it gives your truck the same issue. Thanks in advance guys this is getting frustrating

Give me a call Brad (604)313-532o
Hi Brad,

You're welcome to test or borrow the part from my truck. Catch is that I'll have to meet you at my shop (right across the street from Greg/Ciaran's shop in Abby) either tonight or Saturday.

Can you disassemble and check for a short? That nasty 24V will easily weld copper contacts.
PM sent.
Well thanks for the help tonight Rob. We figured out it wasn't the fuel relay at least but damnit, now I gotta figure out what the hell is wrong with my truck.
Let us know what is going on? or post up on the diesel page here, lots of people willing to help there. I've had a million things go, or appear to go on my BJ42 so maybe it's something that's already happened to me or someone else here and we can help you get to the bottom of it.

I've had trouble starting one time when I over revved it coming down a hill in the Kootneys which threw out my injection pump, I've had the edic motor play around, shutting my fuel on and off and ended up being the edic relay, I've had the primer pump go and suck in fuel, had a leak in my fuel return hose sucking in air, had glow plugs go and won't start, had bad battery connections, had paper plugging my fuel lines at the tank (don't ask how the paper got there ;) had........few other things too, but the only things that stranded my truck was the overrevved injection pump, the altenator seizing up, and the paper in my lines, which got me a few times, but once I figured it out I simply hooked up to a jerry can in my back seat and continued driving ;) Not bad for 13 years of cruiser use, and the first 7 or so were daily driving, and all three were really my fault. :hillbilly: Also blew up a few rear ends, driveshafts, and birfields, but always drove home from those ;)
Maybe it's the motor itself and not the relay. I've had mine apart a few times to clean the contact surface area of the disc, which moves the arm to start, run and stop. I'm not around much since your date of posting, and for another week yet.

Also, make sure your grounds from the engine are all good; Run a jump cable from the control arm housing to the negative post and see if that makes a difference.


I'm going to be around a bit more after the 2nd week in September, so if you have not solved it by then we could make a plan to trouble shoot on day or evening at the shop. And take the EDIC motor apart if it leads there.


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