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Jan 25, 2008
so i had been running my 45 troopie just fine, cruising on the highways at around a steady 80 degrees celcius...but i finally just got around to putting my a/c in...and now my temp gauge is saying more like 95 degrees...and holding steady...

however, this week the weather outside is more like 45 degrees...

and the a/c condenser is mounted right in front of the radiator...

and im not using an electric fan...only the engine fan...

could one or two or three of these factors be made to blame for the increase?

i would have of course just turned off the a/c to check for any differences - only the wife was in the car at the time it was noticed...and she doesnt like me 'fiddling' with things while she is present...go figure...and now its in the shoip for some other unrelated bits...

im just thinking that the combination of the hot condenser in front of the trying-to-cool radiator, coupled with it being silly hot outside, coupled again with the extra strain on the engine via the compressor...could have something to do with this - i will of course take a ride without the a/c at my earliest convenience - jsut lookign to get any thoughts of others with a similar issue...

thanks as always,

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