Attica, IN - October 14-18

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May 15, 2003
Ladies and Gentlemen,

A small group of cruisers and a jeep will be heading to Attica on the above mentioned dates for some wheeling. I know there's already a group headed out for the weekend, but we'll most likely be headed hom on Saturday.

If anybody wants to join us and show us around, you're certainly welcome to. None of us have ever been there.

We'll be staying in the Summers campground.
I'll be there some friends from NJ/PA coming over to hook up with us. CYA there!!! :D
A few of our club members are coming up that weekend. We will arrive on Friday and be leaving on Sunday or Monday.

There will be a couple of full size Chevys, my Toyota and a Jeep.

We are supposed to be meeting a few locals up there.

Oh, club


Cya there Fri night (11pm arrival at Summers for us) guys camping or hotelling?!?
We are staying at a hotel, but I could not tell you where. James made the hotel reservations. He got a block of rooms for our whole group.

We should be there sometime Friday late afternoon or early evening.

We are driving halfway on thursday and finishing the trip Friday morning.
awesome....the park opens at 9am....we'll plan to see ya there on Sat morning then!
We've got 3 sites at Summers all set, heading down on Fri evening. Cruiser is all ready, Lemon gets checked out tonight, loading tomorrow night. Gonna ride all of Sat for sure and perhaps some on Sun morning...

Our carnage included: lost bead on a CJ5, rear driveshaft on a Ford Ranger, junked upper 3-link on a tube-minitruck (and a rear driveshaft when the pinion pointed straight up), and a tie rod on my FJ40.

not bad for 1-1/2 days on the trails!

I did practice the "tire burn" trick for heating up the rubber for added traction, then watched shortly after as C took about 500 miles of rubber off on my rig...she had all 4 rolling in smoke as she worked the ledges by the pond!!

Pics of that pending....I was too busy crying over all that rubber to get out the camera...
looks like fun woody. man do those jeeps look gay. and... sorry to hear about the tires. :D
Very cool pics. I just wish there was a red fj40 in one of them. The thing is down there and needs to be wheeled! I broke the front axle shaft and ujoint last time there and just left it. Sure beats towing right now. Hope to make it down there this sunday for the day. Your pics are making me jealous! Hope you guys had a blast, I am still nursing one hell of a hangover....

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