Attention Fabricators: Make Me These TRUE Step Sliders

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Sep 27, 2004
First, I am not a fabricator, but I know there are some good one's out there.

Here is what I want- true step sliders true step sliders for the 93-94 MY. Think of the OEM running boards but sliders, that's what I want. There is someone who makes them for the 95-97 models, but not the earlier 1FZs. From speaking to some folks in the past, it's my understanding that the issue is creating a clean way to attach the PS slider around the large cat; therefore you need to have access to a stock 93-94 model. It needs to be bolt on too and heavy duty.

So, who wants to add a new product to their portfolio?

The below pic is my old Proffitts converted 4BTJ80 that I had custom made and should help with what I want. Unfortunately, he doesn't live in Austin anymore :(





Jason, check out the step sliders that Mike at Bump it Offroad makes. They look to be right up your alley
Thanks Pete, yes that is EXACTLY what I want. I've reached out to him last spring They are only for the 95-97. Maybe I should see if he has a 93-94 in stock. Does anyone know if he is on MUD and what his handle is?
Bump it Offroad makes the cleanest looking step sliders.
I want slider for my '92!
the 3F-E guys always get left out...

Jealousy and envy reign! We 3FE guys relish in being the outcasts though. :)
Weld only. Tim at ipor edumicated me on their philosophy. Next mod......gotta go earn the sliders one lead at a time.
How about Christo Slee's "step sliders"? - I had a set prior on my LX450 & they were maybe 1" norrow compared to a OE running board, but were very step friendly for use like that.
As big as they are they may have / do 3fe 80 sliders already. HTH
I like this idea! After @NLXTACY 's crapping spotting adventure, I was thinking it would be cool if someone fabricated a discrete slider (or whatever you want to call it) that the OEM running board could attach on top of. I know I'm probably in the minority due to clearance being a top priority, but I like the looks of the running boards/fender flares; I just need a little extra protection from the wayward rock!

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