Attention all Club Members! June Meeting!!!

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Jan 8, 2006
Ashland, OR
If you haven't noticed I've been trying to ease you all through the transition from Democracy to Benevolent Dictatorship.... Subsequently there will be no vote on the meeting Date, Time, or Location... :D The beatings will continue until moral improves, etc...

Meeting will be in Medford at Jesse's Shop on June 4th at 11:30 a.m.

If you need Jesse's address, please PM me.

If you are planning to attend, please reply here so we can get a head count, the club will be providing lunch. :cheers:
I'll be there. My morals are set though. My morale is usually Jesse gonna Roast his weiner for us?? If so Daphne may want to come.
Im in:flamingo:
Not it, Working weekends this summer
Bobby and I will be there.
We are going to have some ***** ***** with ***** ******* plus side dish of *********
Just wanted to thank everyone for the excellent turn-out. Hope all had a good time and enjoyed the food. And once again THANK YOU Jesse for hosting the meeting and letting us invade your home and shop!! :cheers:

See you guys soon!
Alright, I'm home and a little surprised that I'm the first one back to Mud...

The meeting went very well, we had an amazing showing of Members, nearly everyone made it out!

Me, Ty, Travis, Garett, Al, Ed, Curtis, Keif, Aric, Ian (newbie), Chris, Gabe, Russ, Tom, Jesse, Nick... Did I miss anyone? :D

Great to see you all, and a big thanks to Jesse for hosting us again, he really does have a great set up! And for dealing with the food, and to Nick for not letting Jesse just burn all the meat.... Hehehe

If you missed the meeting, we made massive progress in my mission to change the club to a dictatorship.... I raffled off some stickers and a few shirts, and none of our members seemed to notice my pockets stuffed with club money and food!

Our McGrew Prerun is in a bit of a limbo right now, as the trail is not yet open this year due to our rather late and strange weather. Hopefully we will have an answer soon.

Our Official TLCA McGrew run is still scheduled for July 29-31, we are all hoping that things will warm up enough to raise the water temps, and that we'll have a nice rain the day before the run to keep the dust down, and that temps will be high enough to make the river inviting, but low enough so the people with AC won't be too smug in their hard top vehicles...

Russ, Aric and Tyler have semi volunteered to bring the Saturday run in, so I will be free to enjoy a Friday entry for the first time.

If anyone is wishing to order club T-shirts, please contact Garett (Toy350) ASAP, hopefully our order will be going in in the next week.

That's all I have for now. Thank you all for your efforts, and for making this club one that I am proud to be a member of! :cheers:
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