ATT FJ40X2, mini drive shaft info?

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Mar 26, 2004
Hey there, can you offer any more advice re mini truck d/s into a 40? Thought I'd catch you here, less chance for straying off the subject. Specifically, was there any issues to look out for when drilling the park brake?Many thanks, Al
No not really. I drilled mine to match a '83 FJ60, which is the same bolt pattern as the '84 Mini's but with larger bolt holes. I then drilled out the CV end of the Mini shaft for the larger bolt holes. I've got both a FJ60 CV shaft and a Mini CV shaft that I can run now. Both are getting hard to find so being able to get one or the other may be helpful later on. At the pinion, I changed the flange out with one from Kurt at Cruiser Outfitter ( ) . He also has the t-case and pinion measurements you'll need ( ) He's on Mud as cruiseroutfit and GREAT to deal with!

I got the studs from Molle Toyota in Kansas City (816-942-5200) A shameless plug but read the Molle Toyota thread to see why. I would suggest rotating the drum about a third of the distance between the bolt holes. If you mess up you still have room to drill another set or can drill another set of holes if your driveline changes again ;) . I marked by holes using the CV shaft, eyeballed the center and hit it with a punch, then measured everything again and again then chucked up in a drill press. I missed center on one bolt by a knat's arse but it still bolts up okay.

Oh, drain your t-case before you pull the drum. :eek: I always forget that part :doh: IIRC your fighting a driveline vibration? Have you checked the companion flange nut. FSM says 160 ft/lbs, my was maybe 30 when I swapped the flange. Was your old DS balanced? It may have gotten turned at some point to through it off too. Just throughing out idears. Anyone else got suggestions? We got some good techys in here .....
I was gonna use this as part of a newsletter article along with my rear spring flip, FJ60 axle install. "The rest of the story" will be done shortly. I even remembered to take pics this time.

Thanks Mike.
The next newsletter will probably go out after the meeting so I can include a summary of what we talked about. Keep up the good work:beer:

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