For Sale Atlanta: "The King" is for Sale - 2001 - 218k Miles

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Atlanta, Georgia United States
I am offering the well-documented and appropriately named "King" for sale. I believe I am the 4th caretaker of this great example made well known by @2001LC. I purchased the vehicle with 170k miles from @sammybones after his short tenure with "The King" locally here in GA and have since done my best to keep this one of the most meticulously maintained 2001's in the country. It now shows $218k and will go up as it's my daily driver. You'll see from the condition that I did not use this for wheeling. I'm a real estate developer so when it rarely left pavement it was to check on a job site or cruise around the hunting land.

While i know it's not the focus of most on the forum, the ability as a non-nav car to add Carplay, Bluetooth Calling, etc. really was a game changer for me personally and it took me a while to find an example that had been kept up as well as this one. Frankly, I bought this car thinking i'd never sell it but I don't have room to have this and a 200.

It's important to me that I keep this one in the ih8mud community. To stay within bounds on the forum rules i'll list a price around ~$20k. However, i would encourage you to make me an offer.

I have an extensive maintenance history on the vehicle. It has all been documented in great detail. After taking ownership I have had all service completed by a trusted mechanic here in Atlanta who is very particular and familiar with Land Cruisers. I am happy to share those records for serious buyers and I am sure he'd even entertain a phone call to talk about the car with you.

A few things of note that I have done during my ownership:

- Pre-Ownership - I have very detailed records. Which will come as no surprise to those familiar with @2001LC.
- Regular Oil Changes
- 176k BF A/T KO2 - 285/75/R16
- 193k - Timing Belt, Water Pump, All new OEM rotors and Brake Pads, clean and pack wheel bearings.
- 205k - New Battery - Just needed replacing
- 213k - Alternator replaced with
- Metaltech Sliders
- Replaced the gold badges with a brand new set of OEM Silver badges
- Audio - In short it has a phenomenal audio system installed by one of the best shops in the SE if not the country Monster Customs
- Pioneer 7200NEX indash headunit - Carplay/Android Auto, Built-in Navigation, Backup Camera, Bluetooth Calling
- 5 CH Hertz Audio Amplifier - HDP5
- Hertz Mille Pro 6.5 Components
- Hertz Hi Energy 6.5 Rears Coaxials
- Kicker 12'' VR DVC sub in a custom box (sub replaced 3/21) I need to call the shop for the exact spec.
- Hertz Mille Pro 6.5 CompVonents
-All new speaker wiring
-recovered speaker grills
- Weather Tech Floormats throughout - I do not have the originals anymore
- Front and rear bumpers, and mirrors repainted - The front bumper was sun faded and the rear had some scuffs on the corners. Mirrors had typical rock chips. I just wanted to clean up some scratches and scuffs (of course right after I scruffed the front right which the body shop touched up).
- When I had the bumpers were repainted I had the car ceramic coated and a few door dings and two notable dents on the rear hatch fixed (PDR). Did have a major "paint correction" done but a solid polish. This was performed by a talented local detailer aptly known as "edthedetailer".
- I have replacement fogs but have never got around to changing them. They work just aged.

I've included a handful of pictures attached and a dropbox link below for many more. I forgot to take a pic of the engine bay but will do that when i'm back from the office. I did not detail the underside of the car or interior before taking just a quick hand wash and vacuum. I'm happy to take any additional pictures/video/even a facetime/skype/Zoom call for interested buyers.

Dropbox Link: Land Cruiser Pics -

Thanks for looking. I'm hoping to find "The King" a good home.





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Oct 26, 2016
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Is this an ACC truck by chance? I'm liking the description so far..
Very familiar with those guys but they often get jammed with bigger projects to do routine maintenance. I happened to find a mechanic that is trustworthy and loves toyota's. He's very particular and detailed which is what I like about him. Also a great guy if you'd like to have an inspection done or hear about the truck. He might get mad at me for selling it!

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