For Sale Atlanta GA: 80 series Original European Trailer Hitch (1 Viewer)

May 7, 2016
Decatur GA
This is the ball hitch that came on my 80 series from Spain. It bolts into the 4 otherwise useless holes on the frame bumper of all 80 series LC's.I suppose it is not technically DOT approved, but it worked for me until I installed a new bumper. It is 50mm. Just over a 1-7/8" ball. But I hauled a 1-7/8 with it without any problem. I also have a brace that was part of it. It went behind the bumper. It is included. If anyone needs that aluminum piece that covers the top of the bumper, I will throw it in for free.

$25 plus shipping. It will have to go UPS so it might be a little pricey to ship. Picking it up would be preferable.


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