For Sale Atlanta, 2014 LX570 47k miles, what's it worth??

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Another what's it worth thread
So been toying with selling my 2014 LX570. I've only had it 6 months but I just haven't fallen in love with it(other than the power!). I searched for months like everybody before I found the options and color combo I wanted. It was certified at Lexus too but I bought it through a broker basically and they wouldn't do the certified paperwork. I'm the 2nd owner, very very clean, southern vehicle. All records at Lexus including the 45k svc. I've leveled the truck with the AHC and put a brand new set of 275/60-20 Bridgestone A/T's on it, tinted the front windows and added a factory style remote start(which I hate btw). Has most every option I know of including the adaptive cruise control. Has 47k miles now. I paid $50k plus all the fees so bout $55k out the door. Probably overpaid slightly but at the time every 2013-2015 I looked at was in that range. So what does the peanut gallery say?? It's silver on black btw.
FMV 2013: $36-39k, 2014 $40-44k, 2015: $45-49k.

History: zipcode, miles & condition (options) dictate hi or low with in the range. Yours is out of warranty, miles? Build options? KBB will give you the reality check.

I think you’ll take a pretty good hit based on your all-in purchase price trading or private party. You might have to love it longer.
$43-$45k is likely what the market will bear. Unfortunately what you paid has no bearing on what it's worth (especially taxes and fees). I've seen dealers list low mile (sub 30k) 13-15 LXs for $47-50k, but they just languish on the market for quite a while. It depends on how fast you want to get rid of it. If you want to get top dollar, prepare to wait a couple months, but if you want to sell it quick price it well like low $40s and you'll get rid of it within a couple weeks.
That’s kind of what I was afraid of but lesson learned
Don’t think I’ve ever taken a loss on a Toyota which is a tough pill to swallow but I also thought I would drive it for 7-10 years
I bought a 2015 LX570 with 20k miles in the fall. I paid $50k + plus sales tax and licensing.

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