AT Oil Cooler - Aftermarket Replacement Suggestions

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May 9, 2011
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My oil cooler is beat up. It's original, not leaking, but is in bad shape. I'd like to replace it as part of my PM. I see that it is now a discontinued part. There are lot's of aftermarket options out there.

What you used when replacing your oil cooler? Make and model number would help. Did it bolt into the original bracket mounts?

Thanks in Advance!
The factory cooler is a nice piece, if it's messed up, I would replace with one from a part out. Have never seen a bad one, but not in rust bucket area.
Agree that the OEM unit is ruggedly built. I would probably try to source a used one before going to aftermarket.

Under most conditions the A343F tranny runs pretty cool if you opt to go aftermarket something with the same surface area and similar build should be fine.
My trans rarely gets over 150 degrees measured from the fluid output to the cooler. Even if your fins are damaged I'm sure you are fine, these OEM coolers are intense.
I just installed a B&M 70274 for the same reasons. It's their biggest, and the third B&M cooler I've used - no issues. This was part of an overall refresh/update that began with a complete A/C replacement, the Wit's End Orange fan clutch, a new "original" 8 blade fan and the updated shroud. I'm looking for max airflow through the radiator, and my guess is it will be less restrictive and more cost effective than the original cooler.

I removed the existing brackets/supports and used 126 Mercedes Diesel air cleaner mounts between the center vertical support and the cooler's inboard mounting flange. On the outboard side I ran stainless arms to the A/C condenser. It 's a great fit with the plumbing connections pointed outboard. With a 90 degree fitting pointed straight down from the upper port, and a straight fitting on the bottom port, the original hose routing works perfectly with slightly shorter hoses.

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