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Apr 14, 2004
The business world has changed so much in the last 10 years [and I am just a little slow-flame on] so it didn't occur to me until yesterday to ask,but what is the current TLCA policy regarding distributing the membership list to the Associate members?

Is the list complete, or do members have the ability to opt out? If so, is it a complete or a partial opt out.

The reason I ask is that IIRC, when Gary Bjork was handling this [now I'm dating myself again] the list was complete AS TO NAMES only, but several members had elected to have their addresses blacked out. That gave the Associate member the opportunity to verify TLCA membership,but not to solicit business.


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Dec 18, 2002
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Thanks Mark, that's a great question!

The use of the membership list is covered in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and is listed below.

In short, the BOD has to approve any distribution of the list and everyone gets a chance to "opt out" before the BOD shares the list. This is a very sensitive subject for most folks. I will do everything in my power to protect the privacy of our members. Associate members are not addressed in the SOPs. I would suggest that our TLCA ID cards should be used to identify members for applicable discounts or benefits. HTH
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1. The primary use of any membership list shall be for internal communications such as distributing TOYOTA TRAILS, alerts, special mailings and other official needs.
2. The BOD may also approve the trade, providing or sale of the lists to non-TLCA parties and organizations as follows:
a. Each member shall have the right to refuse to have his/her name and address included on a list for distribution outside of the TLCA membership. This is to be accomplished by the member indicating their wishes on a form provided by the Membership Chairperson.
b. Any proposals to use the lists shall be subject to prior approval by the BOD.
c. Requests for and actual distribution of lists to non-member parties/organizations shall be performed after required TLCA Board of Directors approval.
d. Distribution of lists shall generally be limited to uses which shall directly benefit the TLCA, such as responding to government surveys, industry market research and membership generating activities.

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