Asian Carb interchangeability??

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Dec 4, 2002
Was wondering if a stock 74 asian 2 barrel would fit on a 76 2f motor.

Owner is trying to resmog his engine.

any issues, will it work, I think he has a holley now and got the thumbs down from emmissions control.

I also think he has the stock OEM intake.

Thanks a million.
They will fit. The bolt pattern is the same, but the linkage is slightly different.
The carb from the '74 will not have the center stud for the 2F Aircleaner. You should try to find a '75 or later so you can still use the stock 2F cleaner, it has some emission stuff on it, too. Or you could jury rig the AC to fir it, just won't have that nice little wingnut. But the carb will work, may not jive with the other emissions stuff.
Mine is titled a '66, so I've never dealt with the smog issues, but I do run a 2F aircleaner cause I put PS on it.

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