Ashtray, Horn, Power Locks, STereo

Mar 18, 2008
Los Angeles
Just got my FJ62 a couple days ago and it runs like a dream, but there's a lot of Mickey Mouse stuff that doesn't work. The horn doesn't sound. The power locks don't work and the stereo won't turn on. Could these things be related? Is it a question of replacing a fuse or will I have to do some surgery?

Oh, and though I doubt it's related, the ashtray only slides open about a half-inch. What the hell can I do about that?



Jan 5, 2005
Rogersville, Mo.
Welcome, and hope you find this board informative. Not enough info in your post but i will try and point you in the right direction.

1. Take the ash tray out by depressing the tab at the back of it and look it over. There is probably some sort of blockage or something broken in the slide. They dont open superwide but more than 1/2 and inch.

B. There is a good chance the horn is not grounded but first look for the fuse and see if its ok. Then use a meter and see if there is power to the fuse.

3rd. The locks and stereo and lock need the fuse's check. If thats fine then look for power with a meter.

Are they related, i dont know. They could be. They could not be. Your going to have to dig a little for yourself. Finding out if you have power to an item or if a fuse is good before you ask for help, will result in someone taking the time to help you out. If your not going to invest a little time its hard to get someone else to.


Sep 1, 2003
The horn is on the same fuse as the hazard lights. If the hazards work, then it's not the fuse. The horn grounds through the horn switch. On the FJ60 the culprit is often the horn ring or pin contact. I assume it's the same for the FJ62. The horn has a rotating contact assembly that allows the horn switch to rotate with the steering wheel. Take the center hub of the steering wheel apart and see if the ring and/or pin contact is worn.

There is a 15a door lock fuse, but also a door lock circuit breaker (which should be located near the fuse panel. Check or replace the fuse. The circuit breaker can be reset by pushing a small wire through the hole in it's center.

If it's stock radio wiring, then it shares the same fuse as the power antenna and the cigarette lighter. Often, though, aftermarket radios have non-OEM wiring so their might be a line fuse, or something else.

Good Luck.

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