ARP head studs for an F1.5 (1974 FJ40)

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Aug 1, 2022
Hey guys, so I'm pulling off the head on this '74 F1.5 for an SBC stainless valve job. I see the truck once every two weeks, and I was going to clean up the head bolts next time I was there to reuse since they are basically unobtainium. I've got several that are carboned up, one that's badly rusted, and the rest are the usual dirty.

I read a thread here on using 2JZ ARP rod bolts after having the heads cut for cam clearance, but didn't find anything about head studs so went looking through their catalog; they list the 203-4001 kit (e.g, ARP 203-4001 ARP High Performance Cylinder Head Stud Kits | Summit Racing - for '69-'74 F engines. Given the differences between the F1.5 and other head bolts (see here: Wanted - Need one F1.5 head bolt -, I was wondering if anybody has tried or has info on using that ARP kit. You know, if the stud reaches deep enough, or what. Thanks for all replies.

If they indeed make it in the correct weirdo M13x1.75 thread, I figure it shouldn't be too much of a reach for them to make longer studs to fit an F1.5, perhaps with a sample head bolt (I believe I have several sitting around, haha).
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Dec 13, 2012
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