Argh, clutch slave cylinder hose.....

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Dec 17, 2005
Made my first JT Outfitters order a week and a half ago, and got an Aisin set of master/slave clutch cylinders. They also have a loooong braided stainless hose. Since my hard line is perfectly fine, I figured I'd just get the short hose.

Yeah, hosed is what I got. No one so far locally seems to have one for a 71 FJ40.

Anyone know of any common auto parts chains that have these? Like to get one this weekend. The FJ40 has been down two weeks now and I need it.
Well, tried to match it up at NAPA. Found that a 94 or so Toyota T100 rear brake hose comes very close, the only difference being the male thread may be a wee bit too long. Was going to get one and test, but as it turns out those are like hen's teeth to find too.

So, found SOR has a short braided line. Ordered one.

And of course the ultimate fallback is the long line from JTO that replaces the hard line too. But I want to keep my hard line.

Because of the scarcity of this item, if you get a leaky hose in the middle of nowhere, you're screwed. Might want to stash one in the glove box, or replace the existing, clean it, and keep it as an emergency spare.
I brought my original one into the local hydraulic shop... Same day and $18 later I was back in business. They were able to rebuild the stock line with stainless steel braided line.

That was 16+ years ago.:D
I agree with bikersmurf. I had a hard time finding a power steering hose for an old Isuzu Trooper, took the old one to a hydraulic shop, they used my old fittings and installed a new hose for about 15 bucks. I bet the old trooper is sitting and rotting somewhere with a bullet proof power steering hose under the hood.!
I just installed on on my 74 and used one from a 2002 Tundra rear brake hose. 17.25 inch long.

I've had hydraulic lines made up too. Was considering this option, but the shops around here are M-F only, coinciding with my work hours, and I have a busy week coming up. So it could be another week before I could get to one. Given that time issue, it was easier just to order the SOR line.

Dayrl, interesting about the 2002 Tundra. I looked up the part and checked availability. While it's not as difficult to get at the 1994 T100 hose, it's still a special order item, at least around here. The male thread is longer than the original FJ40 clutch hose thread. I was wondering if it might have to be ground off shorter. Yours bolted straight up out of the box?
Yes you will have to cut/grind it off to make the male thread shorter. Mine does not use the gasket but your 71 does.

I used the same hose for my front disk swap from frame to axle and had to shorten the threded portion.

I have not tested it yet but I am confident it will seal as this in the only difference in the male ends, 1 is shorter if it uses a gasket vs. not using a gasket and just sealing with an inverted flare.

If you need a longer one, 20 inches, there is another one from the same year tundra that will work also. The male end needs the same modification.

Hmmm, the old hose I took off had no gasket.
as per the parts drawing it should have a copper crush gasket then.


I don't remember if all the slave cylinders do, but pretty sure they did up until 75. So a male thread that was too long would definitely be an issue.


Mark A.
The SOR braided slave cable hose came with a copper crush gasket.
OK, got everything together and bled. Pedal is very easy, much easier than before. Also high. Trying to find how much free play it should have. There ain't much. Thinking I need to go in a half or full turn.

Also noticed there must have been a spring between the clutch lever and slave cylinder at one time.

Got tired of the washers spacing the slave cylinder off the bellhousing falling off while trying to mount it. Finally glued them to the slave cylinder with superglue. Worked like a charm.

Nice to have the FJ40 back in operation again.
Found the free play spec for older FJ40... 3 to 7mm free pedal travel. It's about 5mm. Feels better. Still a much higher pedal than it was. Going to take a little getting used to. Also, it's almost effortless. Wasn't hard before, but did take more force.
as per the parts drawing it should have a copper crush gasket then.

I just replaced my clutch slave cylinder and I want to state the importance of putting in this copper gasket. The connection from the hose to the slave cylinder will leak without it, and you'll end up having to open it up again and bleed the fluid again, as I did!

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