Are these Odd OBD readings?

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Jan 21, 2012
Recently starting using Torque lite to monitor engine stuff, but am unsure if these specific readings are normal or maybe the app is faulty. Temp seems good, doesn't really go beyond 190.

However, TPS shows 15% with zero throttle, and 80% on max throttle?
Voltage seems to be around 13 volts cruising around 2k rpm, and when coasting 12.8. Seems a little low compared to my other trucks.
Gonna check back Voltage via a individual meter and see. I don't think the OBD reader is reading correct on that one
I show similar readings using a cheapo OBD-BlueTooth adapter and Torque in the dash. Haven't thought much about it though. My MPG readout is also about double what reality shows. Don't know if that really helps, but may show you're not alone (and may not be much you can do, I don't know).
hmm I paid about $30 for the OBD adapter with good reviews on amazon. And the temp works fine, so not sure why I can't get good voltage readouts and the TPS is reading that... Maybe theirs some way of calibrating it?

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