Are these mirrors OEM? I like them, but...

Are these mirrors OEM (from a 1975 BJ40)

  • Yes

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • No

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  • A little from column A, a little from Column B

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Sep 19, 2015
Durango, CO
I've not seen these mirrors on any other 40, but they look kinda stock and are really sturdy. They have a convex mirror which allows for great visibility. It's odd getting used to looking at them where they are. Anyway... Stock or not stock? I smell a poll..

40 Mirror 1.jpg

40 Mirror 2.jpg
Stock parts but all sorts of pieces in the wrong spots
Looks like someone took a mirror arm that is supposed to mount to the Door and a mirror head from an older truck and mated them.
is the arm that goes on the door..
THis is the arm that is supposed to go where you have your mirror currently
the telescoping arm will work with that head.
Other markets got a mirror that looks very close to these, could be them. As I remember in the Haynes manual the picture of the FJ45 pickup has them. Have a old SOR catalog that shows a 45 with them as well. The SOR has a helicopter in the picture and both pictures were in black and white.
75 BJ40 originally delivered to Costa Rica
They are stock depending of market.
If you don't want them I'll help you get rid of them 😇

This kind of convex mirror is still available but the arm non-ajustable and that go to the front like that is not. Only the small telescopic arm is still available (for the arms that attach to the body and not the doors).
@flx- they are mine. My precious..
Good to know. For sure. The quality seemed to say OEM, but I just couldn't find a pic.

Looks like Ill need to strip the black paint off of them at some point, that'll be a nice little project.

MUD once again, coming through quickly
Any ideas on the source for the convex mirror?
I'll have to try them with mirrors in their 'wider than tall' position sometime.

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