are these headers salvageable?

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Nov 1, 2004
so, it's pretty obvious what the increasing exhaust leak noises were... these headers are warped as well as have cracks in the slight protrusions of the pipes on the head side of the flange, and the gasket was toast in several spots.

Are these salvageable with a plane job at the machine shop? Does it matter if the head-side protrusions are milled away so the entire area that seats against the head is flat?

anyone had experience getting warped headers planed? Did it work /last?

if it matters these are the SOR 3 to 1 headers

appreciate your thoughts
DSC03765 (Small).JPG
DSC03766 (Small).JPG
What gasket are you using with these?
it was the green kevlar one from SOR... doubt it had anything to do with the problems
erics said:
it was the green kevlar one from SOR... doubt it had anything to do with the problems
I personally do not know of a good outcome with the Kevlar gasket. I made sure the mating surfaces were true and used 2 OEM gaskets and retorqued several times and have had no problems in 6K miles.

I'm not saying that is "truth", just what worked for me.


I installed my first set of SOR headers back in 89, when doing so I put a bead of high temp permatex on both sides of the gasket, around all ports. Did not ever have an issue with them. I have installed many more sets on trucks doing the same thing without issue. When I installed my new MAF headers, I used the green gasket with sealant again, and almost a year later, no issues.

If It were me, I would hit that sealing surface with a sanding disc, and install a new green gasket with sealant, and call it good.....but that is just me.

Good luck!


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