Are these 80 parts worth anything?

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No. But if you box them up and send them to me I will help you clean out your garage.
I like the shifter handle.
they are worth something to somebody
If you do the marker lights be aware they don't have any UV protection and will degrade the plug as well as the interior over time.

The low range shifter looks good for an LX if the wood matches

The flares are pretty blah, people call them garden edgers probably for 80's outside the US that didn't get the plastic flares.

I can't tell how the tire mount would mount my guess is that it is interior mount and it wouldn't fit an oversized tire. Simply because there isn't any adjustability from the bottom mounts to the wheel mount.

The catch can is always a good idea.
Interested in depos , pm if selling em
What's the antenna thing?
Also, how much for the catch can?

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