Are there different emissions systems, CA, 50 state, or 48 state?

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Oct 22, 2002
Durango, Colorado
My exhaust system finally fell apart today and need I need to replace it.

So after searching here, reading the FSM, call to our parts dept.(I work at a Toyota dealer), and a PM to Slee(my last PM was after hours so still waiting for response), I'm trying to get a concrete answer as to if there were multiple emission systems offered in 97. It seems that everyone who has replaced cats has not encountered any problems. And I don't recall any past discussion in the 80 forum regarding multiple emission systems.

However my local exhaust guy is pretty certain that my FZJ80 is a CA emissions specific vehicle (under hood decal) and that anything other than OEM cats will cause a CEL (not that big of deal) and problems with fuel management, OK bigger deal. I know he is not trying to sell me OEM parts as he knows I work for the local Toyota dealer and can supply my own parts. He has done the exhaust on 3 other local cruisers/friends rigs so I respect his opinion. They have all be very happy.

But here is the deal. I want my exhaust routed above the frame rail. Who wouldn't, but I see no way of doing so without replacing the cats to something shorter in length. My OEM cats are still fine its everything behind them that is shot.

Anyone else get their exhaust over the frame with OEM inline cats? Or have a different emissions decal under the hood? If so please post up.

For the record 1997 FZJ80, 104K, with MetalTech sliders. I do not have local emissions testing and never plan to relocate to CA. Pic of under hood emissions decal for reference.
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My 1995 says that on the hood sticker, too, and it was sold in Virginia originally and spent most of its life in Montana. I'd guess they all say CA emissions on them. My 1995 is OBDII compliant as well.

Based on others' experience on here, and hopefully they'll chime in, I'd bet you would have no problem going to a single aftermarket cat. Search around for other cat replacement threads.
I'm pretty certain that all late model FZJ80's came with 50 state emmisions. That is, they were designed to pass strict California regs and Federal regs as well. Should be just one OEM exhaust/emission option for you.

50 state emissions

By 1997, most all cars would have been 50 state legal. The sticker requirements were to keep the emissions nazi's in california happy, just incase you moved to California, they wouldn't tell you to buy a new car. I used to work for a Honda Dealership and I was an emissions tech from late 80's to mid 90's. I don't think you have to keep the factoy cats. just don't buy the really cheap ones. my .02's. Godd luck.

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