Are replacement plugs for the engine wiring harness available?

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Aug 25, 2014
Roanoke, VA
Does anybody know if these plugs are available? If so, some insight on where to get one would be much appreciated! The plug in the pic is the engine harness side of the connection to the neutral safety switch. If I can just find the plug I'm ok with wiring it in, I'd prefer not to replace the whole wiring harness if I can avoid it.

Should be a 5? Digit number on the plug. That is the PN. The first several digits for the number are common to all plugs.
Try rock auto. I've had surprising good luck with several other vehicles
There are a lot of female plugs on the undercarriage that are unused for my truck, might look under there to see if any fit the bill. Being cheap and all! Wait, that doesnt mean come by and take mine. :flipoff2:

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