are non-usa FJ/BJ40 tubs the samefor the most part??

Jan 4, 2007
Always on the Run
I have a 1983 BJ42 RHD from AUS with the 80/20 front seats in which I am wanting to put late model FJ40 U.S front bucket seats in to replace the 80/20, does anyone know if it will work? I think the body where the seats bolt down has extra holes to do so?

Apr 5, 2008
Adelaide, South Australia- originally from Santa F
G'day Rob,

Yes, they will fit. The BJ42 LX in Japan came with the option of either 60/40 split or buckets. Be certain to get 79-84 seats for propper fit, and 81-84 seats if you want ones which recline. The centre console/heater will be the harder item to get, as the US spec ones are all grey, and your interior is likely brown. This is just a matter of the plastic cover, though, and I would not be suprised if Marv Spector has it 818-882-1238.

A far better option, in my opinion, is to get brown 4 Runner SR5 seats from an early '90s rig. It is a VERY easy fit, and they are amazingly comfortable. They will also be a better colour match than the US Spec 40 series seats will be. They will still fit well with the factory centre console. Hope this helps.



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