Are my springs supposed to look like this?

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Aug 28, 2009
Gainesville, FL
Probably a dumb question. This is my first 4wd vehicle, first vehicle with leaf springs. I'm in process of removing the tub and noticed this large gap where the leaf spring hangs from the shackle. Is this missing some sort of bushing, or is it because there is no weight really, just the empty tub? The other side didn't look that bad, although it may just be filled with gunky paint and dirt.

The gap is about 1/2" it just didn't look "right". I have nothing else to compare it to though....
there should be a bushing in there - contact the spring manufacturer for the correct size

on the frame side, you can use OEM sized bushings
Thanks; hopefully there is some indication of the mfg on the springs somewhere, i'll check when i power wash everything soon.
That looks like what I know of being called a military wrap. The main leaf holds the bushing, the second leaf wraps around as well, very loosely. In case the main leaf breaks this second leaf with its wrap holds it all in place.
Series Land Rovers have this standard, can't remember if cruisers do as well..
Here a good picture of what it looks like. It's missing the bush in the picture.

It looks like thats the case; I just went out to look and indeed the first spring is tightly wrapped around what I assume is some sort of bushing or something and the 2nd spring is the one with the large gap. And now thats its light, I can see that this is the case on the other side as well.

So with that in mind, i'm guessing this is a moot point and nothing to worry about? Does this give any clue to the spring mfg etc? I have no idea what I have here. Really looking forward to getting the body off and power washing and cleaning everything up.
Indeed, it is nothing to worry about. On series land rovers this comes standard. Might actually be usefull if you ever break a main leaf..

Cant help you with info about manufacturers though...

Good luck and enjoy! :beer:
The military wrap comes on stock springs and probably on well built aftermarket springs also. The one thing nobody has mentioned to you is your springs are flipped 180 deg. and the wrap should be on the frame mounted end.
can you snap a pic straight on from the back-forward
Does the other end of the spring have a military wrap too?
You might want to do some investigating before swapping the spring end for end. The spring center bolts are not in the center of the spring. They are offset. In stock configuration the shorter side of the rear spring with the mil wrap is at the fixed end as crwlntoy said.

People often reverse the springs to gain a longer wheel base. When I did this I separated the springs and reversed the mil wrap end. I had to re-drill the center bolt hole in that one spring leaf to line up with the others. When I bought new lift springs one set could not be re-drilled because there was a flat in the spring pack so I have the mil wraps at the shackle end.

When you flip the springs you also have to re-work the drive shaft. That is why I said you need to do some investigation into exactly what you have. If you were to just reverse a set of 40 springs you would have to deal with the drive shaft too. Now, if those are actually FJ55 springs it's a different story. FJ55 rear springs have centered "center" bolts.

Maybe you can find a fellow FJ40 owner nearby who could come over and take a look at it with you?
I took a look at the front and it looks like the military wrap is at both ends. A bit difficult to see in this picture, its storming out so the light isn't very good...but the 2nd spring wraps around like in the back. Yep I see the missing bolt too.
And correct me if I am wrong but it LOOKS like the shackle is bent - as if the shackle is for the wider FJ60 style springs and the spring is the narrower FJ40 style. Looks like washers added at the top to make up the difference and the bottom is tweaked inward...

if so: YIKES!!!!!
Quality springs then. I remember reading that an aftermarket brand of springs were built like that, but I don't recall who made them.

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