ARB winch bar winch mounting questions

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Jul 8, 2013
New South Wales, Australia
Good Evening,

I've never had a winch before, let alone fitted one, so please bear with me if this is obvious

So, I bought a 12000 lb winch with rope, got it home and whacked it on. The PO had a warn with cable so it had a roller fairlead which I removed.

The bottom of the winch is not quite centred in the cutout, which is probably OK, but there are no holes to put the hawse fairlead and there isn't quite enough clearance to fit some nuts behind the bar and in front of the winch. Am I gonna mess anything up if I drill holes and grind some nuts back a touch to slip in the notches in the winch which I presume are for that purpose but don't quite offer the needed clearance?

Would it be better to space the winch back a tad with some washers or bits of plate?

Please suggest ideas, I'm probably over thinking this.
And I couple of pics

Yeah, this comes up a lot because it's never in the instructions. The ARB is designed for the Warn roller fairlead. Those included with most other winches has a different bolt pattern. You could redrill and mount, but then you're not taking full advantage of the strength of the bumper, which was originally designed to fit the Warn M10000.

There is a lip that overhangs the fairlead. With the Warn fairlead, you take the vertical roller pins loose, the refit the with the upper ends fitted into the corresponding holes in that lip above..

Remember you're fitting a winch that has 2,000 pounds more capacity than the original design intended. A Warn fairlead isn't cheap, but this is something you probably want if you ever get an off-center pull going.

The other issue is that most 12k winches are too wide to fit as original as the ends of the winch will contact the bumper before the mounting bolts are tight. You can break the winch if not careful. Make up some spacers out of steel, better than just some washers as it helps to stiffen things up better.

Will try to find the link to my install to give you some reference pics for all this.
The fairlead that was on it must have been a Warn fairlead then.

The winch itself fits fine with no interference, just the fairlead is the puzzle. I would prefer to use a hawse style with synthetic rope but I guess I could always just put the warn roller fairlead back on.
If you're using rope, then you should be sure the fairlead is rated for rope if it's roller style. There are some differences, depending on user preference, etc. The Warn may be, but only if never previously used for wire line as it'll rough up the rollers right off the bat so wouldn't be good for cable any longer.

If a hawse style, then so long as it's new or checked to be smooth, it's good for rope (to my understanding, I'm still back in the Cable Age o_O )

Be sure and check that both ends of the winch will clear the taper-back inside the bumper as you tighten the mounting bolts, until you're sure you've got enough spacer under the feet to prevent contact when fully torqued down. Or maybe you've already mounted it successfully? Not trying to be a nag on that, but you'll be happy not to crack that winch if you don't doublecheck those ends.

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