ARB Touring Rack and RTT

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Oct 2004
Oct 30, 2004
I caught a good hand in Atlantic City last week and pulled the trigger on this
setup. I have a trip planned for October out west and was considering it but it was just out of reach $$$$-wise. The second that dealer threw the 4th 9 on the table I had already made up my mind. I really hope to transfer out West in the near future so I think it was a good investment.

Very simple install. Just clean out the threads in the roof real good and it will go
smoothly. The tent is sitting in my living room and will probably see its first use
Memorial Day weekend. It is HUGE. Cant wait to use it. Tent is the ARB Simpson 2.



Many thanks, as always, to David Crum of Crums Custom Welding for helping me go get it and the space to work..and help. Hope I wasn't in your way to much of finishing that Troopie.

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