ARB Stainless Steel airlines

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Mar 27, 2003
Don't know if any of you have run across this. I had to replace one of my airlines (rear) as I ran the :ban: thing too close to the exhaust. Actually it wasn't a problem until I added the turbo, then the extra heat on the front heat shield didn't protect the plastic line anymore. Searching the internet I ran across this website I couldn't insert the exact page as IE or their webpage is acting up. Looks like they have some other good products as well. I ordered the 16' line, but could have gotten by with the 14' or maybe even the 12'.

I havnt used those but I have used the ARB heavy duty air line on 2 of my ARB's I really like them, they are not stainless but neaoprean(sp) I beleive.

John H
Problem with the heavy duty line is that you will rip the bulckhead fitting out fo the diff if you snag it. With the plastic lines you only break the line. It should be possible to route the lines so they are not close to the exhaust. Or sleave them in some 1/4" fuel line.

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