ARB roof racks

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Apr 28, 2003
I got a line on a ARB 3/4 length roof rack with mesh floor priced at $450. Is this a good price or is someone trying to :slap: me? This is a brand new rack also.

Matt Matthews
Does that include all parts necessary to secure it to the rain gutters? How many arms? Or are you going with the factory roof rack mounts?
Yes, it has the 4 arms (and parts) included that mount to the rain gutters.
I thought the ARB's were:

  • discontinued
  • WAY MORE $$$$ than $450.
  • Go Red Sox

I would DEFINITELY check it out personally before you purchase.

If you dont want it...and it IS an ARB...let me know i will snag that mofo up in a second! :D


That's a good price if it includes all the hardware. According to the guys at the rack alone retails for $580. I hunted high and low for a "3/4 length" rack and finally found a $460 "deal" on the same rack. I found out a week or so later that it did not include the mounting hardware as the salesman had previously told me.
FWIW, ARB doesn't really make a "3/4 rack." The midsize rack (which people dub the 3/4 length) is 73" x 49" and it will hang over the sunroof several inches. The small rack is 43" long and the large rack is 87". Hope that helps. I pick mine up tomorrow.

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