ARB Rear Bumper adjustment Question

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Jan 26, 2012
Fort Myers, FL
I just picked up a built Cruiser from a friend, and have some questions about the ARB Rear Bumper.

The right side swing out with the tire carrier seems to sag slightly, which makes it difficult to open and close the swing out, as it hits the little plate mounted on the bumper. I've included some pictures for reference.
From my searches I read that these are fairly easily adjustable, but have not found anything explaining how to adjust. Anyone have any insights?

Second, and rather minor, the ARB tail light assemblies seem to be wired only to the red marker lights. The orange indicators do not light up. The red and dual function and light up as tail light, brake light, and turn signal. Do others have this set up as well, or are you running the orange turn signals?

I have the same bumper and carry a 35” spare, so I know what your talking about. There is a screw on the inside corner of the bumper right where your side wing meets the rear bumper. You may have to remove the black rubber spacer to see it, anyhow, it’s probably a good idea to remove the tire so that there’s no stress on the screw with all the weight. That screw (runs verticle) aligns your bumper swing out arm horizontally to your rear bumper,I hope this made sense. I would also call ARB, they seem to offer good help and won’t heasitate to send you the install instructions via email. FYI. It will eventually come out of alignment as that swing out bushing takes a lot of stress and wear over time. I have the 35” tire and a 60” Hi lift jack mounted on that swing arm! It’s been 10+ yrs and still holding strong. Great bumper!
Like what you’ve done with the jerry can holder, it holds my 8 man fold up tent perfectly inside when I need to. Turns out it’s a good multipurpose jerry can holder after all... Your rig looks nice!
So far no response from ARB USA on a replacement bushing on the swing out. Anyone have a local dealer/distributor they can recommend that might have that bushing?
Unfortunately ARBUSA has poor customer service to retail consumers. Their products are
very high quality though.

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