ARB / OME 2865 for 2006 LC Application

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Oct 26, 2013
Madison, AL
Is there a reason why ARB doesn't list the 2865 as an applicable spring for the 2000 - 2007 LC? They list as 1998 - 2000. They indicate the 2860 for the 2000 + model years. I know the 2860 is the same spring rate, but is just longer. I also understand the 2865 is shorter than the factory spring, but with a higher spring rate and this is how the 1.5" lift is achieved. FWIW, the 2865 is listed as compatible on several vendor sites for all model years. Let me know if there is any known reason to not run the 2865.

Not a good reason to go with the 2865...the 2860 is longer and the spring rates are the same 220lbf/in.....Go 2860 or 2866(progressive) even better( I've had both in the past). I have 2864 and love them...but I have frt and rear bumpers, drawers, RTT, fridge. Here is a better comparison sheet that the "application guide".
I have 2865s on my '06, and they've performed as advertised.

The choice between the 2865/2860/2866 will depend on your intended use. If you only want 1.5" lift in the rear, you don't consistently carry extra weight, and you want a stiffer spring to counteract sag when you do load it up, then the 2865 is a good choice. If you have plans to add drawers, bumpers, etc., then explore other options.
Yes the 2865 will work if your application is as specific as @aging fleet ...but the 2866 will give a very similar lift and ride as the 2865, AND with the versatility of the heavier second stage whenever you are carrying more load, or hitting an unexpected hole/rut off road...whether either/both are rare or common occurences for you. Simply more versatile.

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