ARB Lockers--Which company to support

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Jan 15, 2006
Tucson, Arizona
Hello Everyone-

Searched archives with not too much luck. Ready to purchase front and rear ARB Lockers. Here is the rub.....I don't mind spending a few extra bucks to support a company that offers excellent customer service, treats employees well, etc. (Think Slee).

I have been less than satisfied with the vendors that immediately come to mind (no point in pointing fingers).

Any suggestions?


Maybe it's sunstroke, but I didn't find the lockers on Slee's website.....just received wiring harness and OME lift from them and they have been courteous, professional, and prompt......but no lockers to my knowledge.
Christo is an ARB dealer and he does do lockers. I believe that he prefers to provide them on an installed basis as it avoids finger pointing if there is a problem down the road, IE the installer blaming the part and the part seller blaming the installer if something goes wrong.
Thanks Dan.....then I guess a roadtrip to Colorado is in order!

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