ARB lockers in the cold?

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Sep 25, 2007
East Idaho
Does anyone have any experience with the ARB lockers in the cold? Im trying to decided what kind of Lockers to put in a 79 fj40, and the ARBs get high marks from all the searches Ive done but Ive had personal problems with air systems freezing up when the temperature drops, and boy does it drop in Alaska. Now I don't plan on wheeling at -40F but you never know I may have to get out of a situation where all locked up would be a good thing.

Im thinking electric lockers might be a better deal for the cold temperatures. But I don't really know.

Thanks for the input.

Have never heard of anyone having problems with them. I can see it happening, but have never encountered it or heard mention of it.

Would be simple enough to install a water separator/dryer in the system if need be.

I have mine be slow to engage when the gear oil is cold first thing in the AM. Once driven a mile or so, no issues.

This might be a good application for synthetic gear lubes which would not tend to gel in extreme cold.
I've got ARB lockers and they are great. I've used them in BC Canadian cold without any problems for years now but I think Alaskan cold can be different. I run a water separator but anyone with an ARB system should have one anyways.

If you're concerned maybe look at what rigs on the ice roads do because a lot on their trucks run on air. I've heard of many adding lubricating systems to their air lines to prevent freezing. Contacting ARB could be good too. I once had a problem and phoned them in AUS and they were great. They didn't just give me general information but information specific to my axles.

Another thing to think of is maybe how you route your air lines. If you're that worried try and keep them inside your rig as much as possible. For myself I have my 3 gal air tank in place of one of the rear seats and the compressor is in the engine bay. Because of this the lines travel through few cold spots and all the key components are easily monitored.

Best of luck and ARB rocks
Thanks guys. That what I was thinking. I will definitely run synthetic. I was planning on a separator. Ive had some success using air line antifreeze in other air systems in the cold so Ill keep a bottle of that around just in case.

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