ARB Locker Compressor Q

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Nov 22, 2005
Sorry, but this is a double post in 40/55 and 60 section. :rolleyes:

Just installed my ARB Compressor. Testing it, the pump will not shut off until I actuate the Locker switch. The compressor will keep running with air blowing out the purge vent on the Solenoid (red arrow) ...

When I actuate the Locker switch, the Compressor will fill in 5 seconds and stop. The system will hold pressure for 15 mins without compressor cycling.

Isn't the compressor - without Locker activated - supposed to fill and stop?

I've triple-checked all wiring. Only have rear locker.
It sounds like a bad solenoid. Have you talked to ARB? They are very helpful.
No, haven't talke to ARB yet. I wanted to gather info first, just in case I did something stooopid (not uncommon).
I would guess bad solenoid also. The wiring is pretty fool-proof, there's only one way to hook up the provided harness, hard to see how you could do anything wrong there. Mine operates as expected - turn the compressor only on, and it runs for a few seconds to fill the tank and shuts off for 20-30 minutes until it very briefly pressures everything up again, or very briefly any time the locker is engaged.
Freds40, slumming over in the 60 section, got it! I had the lines into the solenoid block switched - Once I reversed the air line and fitting to the compressor tank, all is good!

Thanks guys!

Glad that it was an easy and quick fix!

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