ARB Locker Compressor Q

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Spike Strip

Goblin Mode Activated
Nov 22, 2005
Sorry, but this is a double post in 40 and 60 section. :rolleyes:

Just installed my ARB Compressor. Testing it, the pump will not shut off until I actuate the Locker switch. The compressor will keep running with air blowing out the purge vent on the Solenoid (red arrow) ...

When I actuate the Locker switch, the Compressor will fill in 5 seconds and stop. The system will hold pressure for 15 mins without compressor cycling.

Isn't the compressor - without Locker activated - supposed to fill and stop?

I've triple-checked all wiring. Only have rear locker.

Yes. Mine fills and stops. Then will restart after the level slowly leaks off. I could check it and stop the leak but its so slow i dont worry about it.
Hello Spike,

That is an odd issue. You may want to try cleaning out your solenoid, just to rule that out. I had a solenoid constantly purge air on my ARB setup, and it turned out to be a small plastic flake that was loose, and holding the solenoid open. You can open it by unscrewing the knurled plastic nut the purge valve is hooked to.

Good Luck
Thanks, Scoot, I'll try that --

Fred, I think they're different threads so you can't screw it up, but I'll double check. I saw that, in the instructions, and kind of remember the double-threaded fitting that goes into the compressor and into the block on the solenoid was different size from the hole where the air-line fitting threaded... But I'll double check and report back.
Where do you have your air lines hooked up on the valve? #1 should go to the compressor and #2 should go to the ARB.


Well, I've got these reversed -- So much for the quality of my recollections! :whoops:

Let's switch 'em 'round and see what happens!
Freds40 is the winner !

I switched the lines the "right" way and all is good!

I owe Fred a :beer:

Ok great, but does the locker work? Freds40's work may not be done!


HA! Didn't have time to test as I was scrambling to get to work on time. The big stuff comes tomorrow! :clap:

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