ARB Locker Air supply pressure

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Mar 9, 2010
my rig is now equipped wtih frt bumper and slider air tanks. i put a new switch panel in the dash and opted for manual air switches in order to eliminate a potential electrical issue with the ARB electric switches. what i am wondering (which i should have wodered about before installing the panel) is the minimum and maximum pressure needed to keep the lockers engaged? and looking for opinions on going the manual route vs. the ARB Electrically operated selenoid switches. :bang:
ARB lockers are designed to operate at 90-95 psi on the high end. most of the time when we install aftermarket OBA systems we run 105psi shut-off switches. any more that that and you might damage the orings in the locker. those are a pita to replace.....
i've run my lockers as far down as 45 psi. i bet they'll work at even lower pressures also.
georg @ valley hybrids

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