Wanted ARB bumper. Roof rack. Driving distance coastal VA.

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Sep 15, 2015
United States
Hello Everyone
Jus another person looking for an ARB bumper at a decent price, combination not Sahara, somewhere on the east coast. I'm on the coast of VA and will drive up and down the coast no problem. Southern FL might be pushing it a bit but...somewhere within reason I'm good to go.
I'm also looking for a full length rack if anyone has something. Planning on a Frontrunner but right now I just need something to hold surfboards and tanks and a box or two. I don't even have the factort rack in right now but if something pops up that I can mount up on Gamiviti mounts etc I'm interested.

Also I have some stuff in the classifieds if someone might want to trade if you're in need of tan second or third row seats or a Thule MOAB basket or Thule bars/gutter mounts.
Which vehicle? I have an ARB for 100 series (1998 to 2007 model) - $900
Which vehicle? I have an ARB for 100 series (1998 to 2007 model) - $900
Thanks for the reply. I may be able to swing that. I'm trying to sell my seats from my '98...but you're the first one who's semi-local that has had one for sale. I'll PM you as soon as I know.
Thanks again.
I Can drive your way as well and knock off some of your drive time. Removing it today and it is for sale local as well.

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