ARB Bumper for 60 Series

ARB Bumper for 60 series. Did you know that if you purchase a bumper from ARB ( the only one they sell for the 60 series ) part number 3410100, you no longer can buy the side bar/steps, Part number 4410010, to match. I wish that the guys at National 4 Wheel Drive had told me before they took my money and then try and substitute. Does anyone out on this board have any alternatives


Aug 25, 2005
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I too just talked to ARB USA and was told thatthere was no demand so whrn the new bar came out they stopped making siderail/steps for the 60 series

Really? Something's not right. I was at ARB about a month ago picking up some new shocks. I stopped to ask the tech guys about a problem with my rear air locker and happened to ask them about side steps (not side rails though). They said the side steps were special order. He pulled up a current order of side steps that was on its way just to confirm that they could actually get (so I saw them en route, well at least per ARB's computer in the tech room).

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