ARB bumper are you out of your mind??

Sep 22, 2003
So i bought an arb front bumper comes tomorrow paid close to $700 anyways my dad found out and thought i was crazy
"$700 are you nuts why the hell would you waste your money like that" any ways i had my cruiser parked in my upper drive way behind my moms car. my dad hops in his 2001 lx470 and backs up into it well the rear side where the fender flare is. it scratches up my paint a bit kinda s***ty but screwed up his paint worse on his rear bumper. he looks closer at his rear bumper how lose it is and thin easy break.
I tell him about how he's lucky he didn't hit my front with my new ARB or he'd been worse off and now he understands the bumper and might get a front and rear one for his cruiser.

I love it.
Dec 13, 2002
buggerville nj
[quote author=landtoy80 link=board=2;threadid=8003;start=msg67642#msg67642 date=1069734370]
I got mine as I live in deer country. My dedeductible is $1000. Do the math.[/quote]

dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood, like tell me about it. Try $1,000 x 3 :-\ :flipoff2: :D

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