ARB Bumper and bolt on Flat tow Brackets

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Feb 11, 2010
Hey all.
I would like to tow my FJ60 behind a motorhome Some of the Tow bar companies make a end piece to the tow bar that will attached to a 3/4" shackle tab on a Steel bumper of the tow Vehicle. I love the way the ARB bumper looks but i see that there are no Shackle tabs on the front. the Tow bar complany makes a bracket that can be bolted to the front of the bumper but i was wondering if the ARB steel was strong enough bolt through and attach the bracket with a backing plate.

The ARB steel isn't very difficult to bend. Its pretty malleable really. I definitely wouldn't install a direct pull mounting plate on just a flat section of steel on the bumper to pull the cruiser. Neither would the DOT. That tiny bracket looks like a disaster waiting to happen (towing a 5000 lbs cruiser)
I agree with @OSS , the bumper steel is pretty thin. You could build it up where there is a much thicker face to bolt through and then reinforce back to the frame rails and bolt your bracing in to the rails. Clear as mud right? Basically just imagine some frame mounts that come out and 90° to mount your bar, the arb just happens to be in there too. Something like 3/8" steel oughtta get it.
I'd like to see a close up of the shackle attachment on the other side of the jeep. Why not just put some of Trail Tailor recovery points on the frame below the bumper? Then you can put shackles and attach to them.

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