ARB bullbar (phase 2) "The bends"

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Jan 7, 2005
Dallas, Texas
For those who give a crap ;) So very crucial to the look on a prerunner..I think we nailed the angles and bends. Obviously, too much bend in the bender and you will crimp the steel. I have a 2" front bar and 1.75 winglets. Mig welds and he is almost done. So far so good. More pic tomorrow.
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Oh that's looking sharp!
I absolutely love the lines, I just wish the 'winglets' as you called them didn't interfere w/ the headlights.

What do you mean you will 'crimp' the steel? Assuming you're using a proper bender you should be able to bend 180* w/o 'crimping'.

Looks great!
Looks nice
I would like to do one similar except I would like the middel tube to follow the lines of the grill so that if I am standing infront of the truck I can not see the chrome. The winglets are tough because I would like them to follow the lines between the lights but that does put the support very low. Still struggling with that.
Thanks guys! Actually I LOWERED the bar in front so I CAN see the chrome...I still like bling ;)). I know the winglets block some of the lights. I expected that and I don't really care ;))) My 4" lights in the bar outshine my headlights...anyway and then there's the Hella's.
nice. any thoughts on removing the so called recovery points and adding some real ones?
I thought about different recovery points...but I'm wearing the fab guy probably not.
Making me feel guilty. I still haven't even hooked up the lights in my ARB:eek:

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