ARB bullbar brainstorm. Fishing rod holder.

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Jul 9, 2012
Corpus Christi, TX
Just moved to the beach, Just got an 92 LC Locked. Got the front ARB bullbar, and I need some help brainstoming on fishing rod holders. The beach guys mostly run front receivers with a rack to hold the chest and rods, but there arnt really any options for my LC because the rear hatch and no front receiver options.

SO heres my question, could I just weld a 2" to the spot under winch location, or am i better off welding some pipe to the bumper just to hold the rods like 1/2 of Corpus Christi?? If So where should I put them as to not lose the ARB features and head lights.
do you want them vertical or lay horizontal? i would get some pipe cut 8''-ish pieces and weld the them up maybe together. make some removable hangers and paint it black and hang them between the grille and bullbar..(vertical). i would also find a way to secure them in each holder and keep from swinging. or get a roof rack and bungie them to that.
If you're going vertical, how about a 1' pipe with a "J" hook welded to the top part & it could even be all thread if you were worried, then drop in the holes in the top bull bar & spin on a washer & wingnut or even just a few turns of a reg nut.

Leave the pipe ling enough to let it hang in front of the mid-bar & it'll be fine.

Or if you have an old golf club take the head off & zip-tie some PVC to it - it's how we riverbank it on a summer day up here, and you get a few seasons out of it before it needs a new golf club shaft.
Vertical is what im going for.

I plan on carrying 8-10 rods on some 20-60 miles of beach.

Honestly the Front Receiver would be much better, although it would have to support the weight of the rack, rods, and cooler it wouldn't have to be a tow point.

sounds like it would be easy to weld a 2"square to the bottom.

Thanks for all the help so far, New to MUD and have been very grateful already with the amount of time and money it saved me.
I used to live on the coast about 80 miles north of there. Fishing the island sounds like an awesome use of a landcruiser!
my buddy ran a rear hitch mounted rack at matagorda beach back when the cruiser was stock. It worked great with two coolers and im sure you could fab up something easier on the rack instead of welding something to your bull bar which s more permanent. you still had room to open the tailgate and even had a nice resting area for your feet.
What is the diameter of the ARB tubes?

Could use a plate/bolts, bent metal straps, or U-bolts and rig up a detachable rack that mounts directly to the crossbar(s). Or leave it mounted.
I used to live on the coast about 80 miles north of there. Fishing the island sounds like an awesome use of a landcruiser!

Best ever.

I like the tilt rack for the front lets the rods rest over the cab.

the diamator on the bar is +/- 1.5"

Im actually in the market for something permanent, as this thing will always be a beach cruiser, but if that little rack that mounts on the top side of the bar is my best bet than ill take it.
O yeah, when the rods are in use (surf) They need to be vertical, and when i hook my shark they need to stand up to the task.

Think i could get U bolts tight enough to not worry about it?
How about buying a used receiver & bolt that on the rear, then make a cooler rack for it to go into the hitch mount, then make / have welded a pivoting setup like the pic of the 40's one - then use u-bolts so you could pivot it back for road running & pivot forward so you could set your rod after casting - you could make 3 identical ones & have them across the top bar (avoiding the foglight / CB mount tabs & the horizontal strapping that is over the vertical strut areas).

Are you the welder or are you paying to get it done - I ask as complexity isn't an issue if the beads aren't on a bill - you can take alll the time you want making things exactly as you like.

Also, I have no clue if it's on Christo's site anywhere anymore, but he did a receiver into a front OEM bumper a decade ago - if you look around you might find it & some ideas if part of the front cooler thing is to have a place to sit.
How many rods and what type and length? I assume long surf. You mentioned it as if you are gonna have 8 rods baited a cast while still in the rack. Thats a diaster in the making when you hook a runner. All your sh*t will be a tangled mess! Just ask your local crappie fisherman.:doh: You will never be able to get enough spread with 8 rods on your truck. You could get by with 2 or 3 probally. With one straight out and 2 at 45 degrees. Get some of those PVC tubes on stakes. And spread out and catch more fish!;) If want a less permanent transport solution. Check out the magnetic mounts that a lot of us flyfishers use. They mount to the hood and roof. And are trusted with $1k rigs. You can get in single,dual or quad versions. And can be adjusted and removed in seconds for the other 345 days when you are not fishing.:crybaby: That would be my first choice due to versatility. The next would be those bad a** mounts Slee just posted. Or you could get one of those EXPO coolers I see alot of. With 33s,fridge,rod rack, satelite TV, winch,awning and seat.:D
CableDude you need to quite that 3 point climbing sh*t! I know way to many people that have cut out and got hurt. Myself included. I have been belt climbing for 10 years and haven't looked back. Hi-jack over sorry.:)
What about one of those bolt on 2"recievers that are for the rear of a LC? You could just drill 4 holes in the ARB. And use a big rack for coolers and what not:meh:

How far are you from Laguna Madre? That is on my bucket list. Knee deep clear water for a hundred miles.
CableDude you need to quite that 3 point climbing sh*t! I know way to many people that have cut out and got hurt. Myself included. I have been belt climbing for 10 years and haven't looked back. Hi-jack over sorry.:)


Nah, I use a ladder or bucket 99% of the time. Sometimes you gotta show off though! :eek:HAHA

OP, 2 of the TJM holders will take of the hauling, but like swamphox said, idk using that many that close. I'm sure you know what you're doing though. I wanna see pictures when you are done.:)
of course I wont fish 8 rods from my bullbar, lol

I have the rear receiver already in place, if its mount was only 2 inches shorter i would just bolt it to the front.

Fox, I plan on having a few surf (just under 10ft) and a few shark (under 8ft) so maybe 2 TJM would work well for me.

Linus, Not me welding.... got fork out the green for it. Soon though ill get my hands on something i can learn with.

Swamp, 30 min to the start of it, not really able to drive to the land side, gotta go down the island (surfside) then cut back in and still its a walk or whatever. Fishing boat is the best way to get to it but you better take and extra 10 gal of fuel. but if your a champ take the kayak to the surf and walk inland. the area i plan on fishing is both here and surf side.

Duggy, you said your buddy had one, know where it came from, only crap i find is just to short to work.


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