ARB Bull bar w/ stock springs

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Mar 21, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Howdy all,
Newbie signin in. I was at my local 4x4 shop (desert rat) here in NM and the salesman advised me with the purchase of a ARB I would not need a spring upgrade (yet). The front allready seems to be lower than the rear by an inch or two and I would think the addition of a 100-150 lb bar would sag it even more. Eventually I will be upgrading to OME but will the weight of the new bumper be alot for the stock springs? Would the heavy or med OME springs be better for this application. Thanks.

BTW I have a 99 LC.
You've only got one option for OME torsion bars on the front end. You should be able to just crank up the stock torsion bars a bit to regain any sag you get from the weight of the bar.

You get into spring load rates on the back end of the truck with the coil springs.
i was going through this option as well, but decided to go with OME T-bars for support. I was told if you put an ARB on with OEM T-bars it would be squirrly. Not worth the headache. If it is money you are worried about get a lift first then the ARB.

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