ARB and Milemarker?

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Mar 26, 2009
I was wondering if anyone has tried mounting a 10,500lb. Milemarker hydraulic winch on a new style ARB 40 series bumper? I called ARB and they figure it will bolt in, but they don't know for sure if there is enough space to flick the levers. I'm trying to figure this out before making the purchases.... Thanks!!

I have the MM 10.5 hydraulic winch on a different bumper, but i can go out and take measurements if that will help?
PM me if you need me to do that.
Thanks for the offer! I have found by searching that the Mile Marker is 22.14 inches long and I know that the frame dimensions are 24 7/16" between the rails so there should be enough room... I haven't bought either the winch or the bumper yet, I'm planning on buying the winch, plumbing it, and then picking up the ARB bumper from Man-a-Fre down in California on our way to Guatemala and bolting it together in the parking lot.... I'd hate to get there and find out they don't mate up...


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