ARB Airlockers for a 105

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Jul 21, 2021
Roatan Honduras
Morning Collective:
I'd like to get ARB Airlocking Diffs for my 2001 105 but can't seem to find much info on what I should get. I sent a message to ARB but they haven't responded. None of the mechanics here in Honduras have a clue and the 105 isn't available in the USA so not much help there either when buying parts from ARBusa (I'll have to special order it seems) . Currently have 33 inch tires but I'd like the option to go to 35s if needed. My 105 is a manual 1hz Diesel. Attached in my Vin info. Thanks


Nice rig Loafer!

I believe these are the ARB air lockers for a 105 series:

I'd think twice about putting 35's on that truck in stock form....

Good luck!
What's "stock form?" I already have a 2 inch pro foam from Ironman. Was under the impression all that needed was changing the diffs after that.
Was referring to the power of the 1hz, in NA form…would struggle turning the 35’s. Regearing would help.
Thanks. Don't intend on adding a turbo. Like the old time reliability of theb1Hz.

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