Aqualu Tub vs Stock Hard Top

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Oct 9, 2014
High Point, NC
Does anyone know if a stock hard top will fit on an Aqualu tub? Specifically a '74 hard top to a Aqualu tub for a "74 FJ40.
There are always reasons it might not fit ‘right’ depending on the way the person mated the aluminum tub to the firewall BUT the hardtop ‘should’ fit. I put a hardtop on a previous truck that was an Aquala tub, was a ‘74 too.

Might need to cut some off of the b pillar tubes that go down into the tub and you will need to trim the hardtop lip in the rear corners as the Aquala tub has a triangle piece there. Very small thing and easy to see when you go to place the sides on the tub.

Hope that helps.
I have a friend that put an Aqualu tub on his 79’ and had a great deal of trouble mounting the hard top to it. I was not involved with his build so I don’t know why he had so much trouble with it.
see my "Time Machine Build", in the signature line. do your measurements at the doors before you split the body from the cowl, and make sure that you get the same numbers when you mate the Aqualu body to the cowl. no reason it should not fit.

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